P40L-P49Y Contest Summary Information

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Full station description can be found at https://arubaqth.com/

This was the first time operating the WAE CW from Aruba. Conditions seemed up and down, but Saturday was definitely the better of the two days. 80M and to some degree 40M suffered from absorption both nights. 15M was clearly the best band this weekend. 10M had some signs of life too.

Conditions on 80 were generally dismal to EU ... high absorption both nights. But there was one delightful 30 minute opening Saturday evening at about 0230 when the USA and EU skimmers actually could heard me and predictably the mults showed up.

40 was also an absorption victim. Q count half of what I'd expected. Still managed to log 36 countries but left some easy ones on the table. Going to the band before local sundown wasn't very productive. I generally found 40 disappointing.

20 was a delightful nighttime band, but during the day from roughly 1300 till 1900 it was literally flat-lined on the P3 scope. I'd see needed multipliers posted on the cluster and couldn't hear them at all.

15 was the money band for everyone. All areas of EU participated and it lasted until early evening local time.

10 meters was particularly good an hour after local sunrise both Saturday and Sunday.

Fast QSB was a factor both days. A solar event of some type occurred but the indices didn't reflect the odd propagation observed.

I find it amazing how many EU stations have numbers under 50.

Managed to keep the number of QTCs in inventory well under 100 most of the time.

Happy to be in the top five non-EU list.

73, John, W2GD