P40L-P49Y Contest Summary Information

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K3S, Alpha 91B - 1 KW Win-Test logging software

Monobanders 40m - 10m, Tribander, 80m inverted V, 160m vertical dipole

Four beverages in key directions.

This week was nearly a duplicate of what I experienced operating here in 2019. The towers and antennas have since all been replaced at P49Y/P40L and they really work well. But it's the 'unknowns' that come into play that you need to be ready for when they happen.

The three days before the contest spent considerable time listening to the bands. Everything seemed terrific. The noise floor was a very quiet S-4 or less on the higher bands and there was no trace of line noise in any direction. Bolstering my expectations for a quiet weekend were the four tropical downpours over the two days just preceding the IARU which seemingly further washed away more of the residual salt on the power lines. Really thought everything was coming up 'perfect'.

Here is where the carbon copy part of the operation comes to play. Out of the blue a solid S-7 power line noise appeared unexpectedly with a vengeance on all the bands at the beginning of the third hour and continued almost constantly for the next 9 hours until near sundown - after enjoying near complete quiet the days before. Bummer!

It was crippling on the high bands all day long. The run rate was instantly cut in half and it didn't seem to matter very much where the beams were pointed - the noise was pervasive. I hat CQing knowing I'm an 'alligator' on receive.

So just as happened in 2019 I was forced to made a strategy correction in light of the noise problem - deciding to concentrate on aggressive multiplier hunting over the last twenty + hours. Giving up was never an option.

Ultimately the final score is 500K higher than posted two years ago.

Overall conditions from northern SA were reasonably good. EU was workable 160 through 10 and conditions to Asia on 40 were very good near sunrise. Rates were never 'huge' but seemed steady all weekend. Some local storms near the ABC Islands were a QRN generator on 160m as the night progressed but not a problem on 80 and 40.

Had a great time celebrating my 72nd birthday and hope you did too! Thanks for calling.

Planning to return and operate P40W for CQWW PH and CW this fall.

73, John, W2GD