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20 years ago operated from same cottage in CQ WW SSB. This was nice return trip to same spot. In 2000, Carl had installed new antennas and arrived to bright shiny Aluminum, I knew it was going to be great weekend. 2020, well it's 2020 and no Ten meters. in 2000 operated about ten hours on ten on Saturday alone (sunspots). John & Andy put up new Aluminum in Feb2020, once again arrived to bright, shiny Aluminum. Nice and effective, newer models, all played. A new addition is the beverage farm. The Beverage farm here is great, world class. Clearly works and provides excellent hearing ability on 40/80 for this contest. Congrads to John and Andy for excellent addition. Writelog was used for logging - performed flawlessly and a real joy for SO2R setup. My guess is many stateside missed the ten meter opening about 22Z on Sunday. Few were there but excellent opening to pick up several new states on ten. Noted several new ops this year(not in pre-fil) to the game, nice.

As far as SO2R, my ability to remember and get back into swing with Poke/Pop was lacking. Thanks to those that stuck with me as I mashed "F" keys attempting to use rttyrite screen as callsign memory....

Goal was to chase the South American SOA AB LP record, might happen.

73 from Aruba (as return to desert lands of WTX)