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Really enjoyed the few hours I was able to operate. The weekend turned out very different than I had planned. One radio was putting out a wide, spur-filled signal when connected to an antenna, though clean in the dummy load. Wasn’t able to diagnose the problem so was down to one radio. And, then, during the travel between the Dayton Hamvention and here, I contracted something with severe congestion and blocked ears. By Friday I was partially bed-ridden.

So, I downsized from SO AB HP to SO 20m HP so I could sleep at night. I did manage to work the first 3 hours, then crashed. By Saturday morning I was too ill to operate at all. I spent several hours getting a local doctor to write prescriptions for the drug regimen my stateside physician specified that morning. I was able to get another 4 hours in before collapsing in bed Saturday night.

Miraculously, I had enough strength back Sunday morning to operate most of the day. Signals on 20m were very weak most of the time here. It sounds like the band may have been better in NA and EU from the reports so far.

Thanks for all the calls and to station owners W6LD and AE6Y. The reflector-less 4-element Yagi at 70’ worked fine, especially off the back to SA, because I pretended that it was all intact. K3S/P3 and 86 amp. WriteLog 12.40B with Mortty/K3NG keyer.