P40L-P49Y Contest Summary Information

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73, John, W2GD

K3S, Alpha 91B - 1 KW Win-Test logging software

Monobanders 40m - 10m, 80m inverted V, 160m vertical dipole; Four beverages in key directions

With very limited on-island prep time available beforehand made arrangements to to "borrow" P49Y/P40L for the weekend (thanks Andy AE6Y and John W6LD)- setting up P40W "quickly" for a one day event would have been painful.

Line noise was a major factor beginning in he second hour and continuing on and off for until near sundown - after complete quiet the day before. It was totally crippling on ten meters and severely limited where the beams could be pointed on 15m and 20m. The noise blew away opportunity to enjoy the major e-skip opening on ten meters early into the contest.

Was forced to made a strategy correction in light of the noise problem - deciding to concentrate on aggressive multiplier hunting over the last twenty hours. Giving up was never an option.

Overall conditions from northern SA were reasonably good. EU was workable 160 through 10 and conditions to Asia on 40 were very good near sunrise. Rates were never 'huge' but very steady all weekend. Some local t-storms near the ABC Island were a major QRN generator on 160m as the night progressed but not a problem on 80 and 40.

Had a great time and hope you did too! Thanks for calling. Planning to return and operate P40W during CQWW PH and CW this fall.

73, John, W2GD