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First of all, I would like to thank the owners and caretakers of the P40L-P49Y station. We had a wonderful time at your home and ham radio station.

I have been working RTTY for a little while and have really enjoyed it, but to work at a contest station like this one was amazing. Everything was well put together and the antennas were outstanding. Wish we had figured out how to work the 80 meter band. Of course, if we had read ALL of their instructions we would have figured it out. I found also that I still have a lot to learn. I don't know how W0YK does this with 3 radios. If others who might go to this contest station have even a little bit of the fun that I had, they will be very happy. I sure wish I could go back soon. Maybe we will be able to go there again from Ecuador some time soon. At least the airfare from Ecuador is much less expensive.

I have to learn when to move from one band to another. I had a lot of low rate hours when I probably should have moved and didn't. Even in hours where the rate was good, I would sometimes take more than a minute to work another QSO because of the tremendous pileup. Deciphering RTTY in my head is a skill some. possess and I have to learn. For me 744 Q's is still a considerable accomplishment and the result of the station and location.

Thanks to Andy, AE6Y, and John, W6LD, for the opportunity to use the station and thanks to JP, P43A, and his wife Chris, P43C, for their hospitality.


Shelley, K7MKL