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Comments: I greatly enjoyed my second phone effort from outside the US, although I seem to continue to be on a steep learning curve.

Good 10 meter openings into the US each evening, including at the beginning of the contest, were a pleasant surprise given where we are in the sunspot cycle.

On the other hand, I was plagued by line noise on the high bands, especially on 15 meters where it was S-9 during most of the contest.

Also, during the days there were times when I felt I was in some kind of a propagation "hole," which is a fairly uncommon feeling when operating from Aruba (not that I expect much sympathy from those in less propagation favored locations :) ). At one point, I could hear guys 500 miles away running EU on 15 meters hours before I could get anything going.

I invested much of the time available before the contest working on our beverages. We now have 500 foot beverages aimed at 45 degrees (EU), 10 degrees (East US) and 320 degrees (West US). They worked great during the contest and I used them heavily on 80 and 40 meters and, at times, even on 20 meters.

Congratulations to ZD8Z and 8P5A on terrific showings! Congratulations also to all the great multi-op efforts, especially the record setting multi-two effort by the guys at HC8N. And, as always, thanks for all the contacts. Every one of them is much appreciated.

73, John, W6LD/P40L