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Congrats to Jacky, P43P, for what could be a new SOHP world record, pending log checking.  He had an additional 300 QSOs despite my 160 first hour and 151 second hour.  At dinner Sunday night, Jacky said he was pleased with his 140 first hour.  Not sure what happened after the initial rate-fest, but there were several clues that I was not picking up some of the weaker stations.  During the week before the RU, for example, Jacky told me of several Europeans who were answering my CQ on 80, but I wasn't picking them up.  Reading the packet reports for P40X today shows several comments about me not hearing.  Some of that was operator goofs, like having the RX Antenna button activated on the rig without the Beverage pre-amp peaked for that band.  Or, busy on the second radio sorting out some mess and not seeing a call on the first radio.

We know that Jacky's location is quieter on RX, especially on the low bands. Perhaps I had something misadjusted in MMTTY or the rigs.  Just don't know.  It may have to do some more extensive comparative testing with Jacky to figure it out.  Apologies to those who called but I didn't pick up.

I didn't use 10 meters because it never would have produced the rates I was having on 15 and 20 ... guess I should have configured a third rig.  I did check periodically and heard no signals other than P43P, my only 10 meter QSO.  I think Jacky worked almost a hundred stations on 10, mostly on Saturday.  We both expected 10 meters to be big for us, but it never happened.  On Sunday, 15 meters kept drifting in and out, with signal levels changing from S9 to barely audible in several cycles during the day.

Thanks to everyone for the contacts!  It was a great time.


W0YK (P40X)