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This was my second time in this contest from outside the USA, so I'm running out of excuses; suffice it to say, I appear to still be on a steep learning curve when it comes to pulling stations out of the, at times, overwhelming pile-ups.

Had lots of fun. Seemed like there were more US mults and activity generally this year. Also, unlike last year, there were periodic openings to Japan for a total of 90 QSOs without any special effort. Condx were down relative to 2003 but still pretty good from the Southern Carribbean. 10 never opened into EU and only opened to USA mid to late afternoon, when 15 and 20 were strong into both USA and EU. 15 did not open early to EU as it had in prior years. And 40 was a bit noisy; my apologies to all the stations who called when copy was extremely difficult on my side.

A sizable thunderstorm rolled through on Saturday in the middle of high rates on 15 meters resulting in the minimum hour off at a less than ideal time. The P40O guys were so busy with their extraordinary effort that they did not even notice it!

Congrats to D4B and CS3B on their fine scores and, especially, P40O (LY2TA and LY2CY ops) on what could be (subject to log checking) a new M-S record, particularly considering that they did this from a single tower station (KK9A's "Iguanavilla")!

Thanks for all the contacts!

73, John, W6LD/P40L